Invigorating, Entertaining, Sturdy, Great Exercise and 100% Exceptional Customer Support
01.04.2022 | GOODaaa |

I got this for my grand-daughter (and maybe her mother) but their experience has been enlightening to the point I might want to get one since I seem to lack the motivation to get out and walk/run in the cold like I used to but that is something aside, the thing is I thought this was defective and was set to return it when out of the blue I received a package with a whole brand new "host" which apparently the company had discovered some flaw in the "host" that came with the mat (which was the source of the problems it seems) and they sent a brand new one to everyone who had purchased one of their dance mats. Now folks, that kind of proactive customer support is almost unheard of these days. Obviously, we are back in business and the granddaughter is happy, her mom is happy which makes me happy, and for a great product and exceptional customer support.